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Dual 4-Tier Water Jug Rack

Dual 4-Tier Water Jug Rack

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Crafted for Versatile Environments: Accommodating 8 water jugs, our innovative Double 4-Tier Water Jug Rack is an ideal storage solution for diverse settings, ranging from large households to commercial establishments. Whether it's for a spacious residence, a busy office space, or a dynamic fitness facility, this rack offers an efficient and adaptable storage solution.
Amplified Storage Solution: The rack's two 4-tier systems create eight welcoming spaces, ingeniously arranged to prevent clutter and keep your water jugs within easy reach, without the need for additional shelves.

Reinforced Build: Skilfully crafted from premium iron, the double rack ensures unparalleled strength and stability, promising endurance and dependability to meet all your storage demands.
Floor-Protection: Affixed with adjustable rubber-tipped screws on both bases, this double-tier rack protects your flooring from scuffs while maintaining a solid, balanced stance for your stacked water jugs.

Optimized Dimensions: Towering at a height of 123 cm and stretching 70 cm in length while keeping to a slender 33 cm width, this rack is intelligently designed to offer significant storage capacity yet fits seamlessly into your space.

Balanced Proportions: At an approximate weight of ~12 KG (given the double structure), this rack is crafted to be robust enough to securely hold your jugs yet still manageable for adjustments or relocation.
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