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Dual 4-Tier Water Jug Rack With Wheels & Brakes

Dual 4-Tier Water Jug Rack With Wheels & Brakes

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Enhanced Mobility: Our Double 4-Tier Water Jug Rack offers convenience and stability with four heavy-duty wheels and two brakes, allowing easy movement and secure positioning of your water jugs.

Versatile Storage Solution: Efficiently store up to 8 water jugs in various settings, from large households to commercial establishments, with our durable and adaptable rack.

Robust Construction: Crafted from premium iron, this double-tier rack ensures exceptional strength and stability, meeting all your storage needs.

Floor Protection: The rack's adjustable rubber-tipped screws safeguard your flooring while maintaining a balanced, clutter-free space for your water jugs.

Optimized Dimensions: Standing at a height of 123 cm and with a length of 70 cm, this rack offers significant storage capacity while seamlessly fitting into your space.

Balanced Proportions: Weighing approximately 14 KG and featuring 4-wheel mobility, this rack remains robust yet manageable for adjustments and relocation.

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