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Genco Metalworks

5-Tier Water Jug Rack With Wheels & Brakes

5-Tier Water Jug Rack With Wheels & Brakes

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Maximize Your Space: Our 5-tier Water Jug Rack, now with the added convenience of wheels, effortlessly organizes your water jugs while minimizing its footprint and allowing for simple repositioning. A must-have for any home or office, this versatile rack is designed to accommodate your hydration needs with style and efficiency.

Premium Materials: Constructed from superior iron and natural wood, our water jug rack stands out for its durability and stability, ensuring a long-lasting storage solution.

Enhanced Mobility: Equipped with four high-quality, sturdy wheels, two of which feature secure brakes, this version of our rack offers effortless mobility. Move your rack to any location with ease, and rely on the brakes to keep it securely in place whenever needed.


Substantial Weight: Weighing approximately 9.5 KG, the construction of the rack is both robust and sturdy, designed to provide a solid foundation for your water jugs.

Ideal Dimensions: With dimensions of 36 X 33 X 149 cm (Length x Width x Height), this rack is a versatile choice for any space, offering ample storage without occupying too much room.

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